what do people buy fields for?

Many buyers are buying to keep animals - typically horses but sometimes sheep or cattle.  Of the animal-motivated people some want to buy a field to keep rare breeds. 

Others have the idea of growing fruit and vegetables which is increasingly popular - why have a small allotment when you can buy two, three or four acres for less than the cost of an extension to the house?  In this case good soil and a water supply are essential.

Some people buy fields with the intention of creating a wild flower meadow.  There are some useful pointers in this page from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust: http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/factsheets/meadow/index.php

In recent years people have bought fields with the idea that they might become development land and in some cases of course they have been developed but this is a long shot - most of the UK's fields are well-protected.  If you want to see if there is a chance of any significant development you should look at the local council's development plan.  These are written for 5 year periods and if your field is not designated as development land you will not get permission to build anything.

There are some enterprising uses which need fields that can sometimes be done within the existing "permitted development rights" such as car boot sales, open days, clay pigeon shooting, fetes etc, but these will only be permitted if you do them for less than 28 days in the year.

In any field purchase you should think about the practicalities of travelling to the land especially if you are planning an intensive use such as keeping horses.

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Allan Allison-Hughes 17 July, 2009

I need a field for a new three day / once per year summer festival event. Small in size (500 people) and showcasing ne music and performance art. can you help?

James 9 July, 2011

i need a field for a football pitch to be built in so ideally atleat 140m squared would be ideal with lots of space and perfectly flat near huddersfield, west yorkshire, england, can you help, with little money to spend???

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