- how to buy a field

Have you ever thought how satisfying it would be to own and manage your own field?  This website is designed to help with finding a field, buying at auction and deciding how best to use it.  We have sections on how to measure the land, fencing, access and making sure you have a good water source.

There are various ways to buy fields and meadows - auctions, local estate agencies or specialist national organisations such as who have a dedicated section at

Although at first glance one field may look much like another the variations are enormous.  Consider these variations:

- soil type and quality of soil (land classification);

- topography and aspect - how slopey it is and which way it faces;

- rainfall;

- surrounding land;

- recent management - what has been planted how well it's been looked after;

- boundaries - whether fenced, hedged or walled;

- security - it there a gate and what other accesses are there?

- designations - how the authorities view the land such as it being a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

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tera baap 5 January, 2010

i now how to buy
tell me place in india to buy

balbir singh 17 January, 2012

i want buy field but dont know how can u tell me plz how buy nd where buy

Emily Rose 29 May, 2012

looking to buy some land close to where i live in the hook or basingstoke area for the return of my horse and another. I currently cant keep my horse at my old livery just up the road from me as they are jam packed, so please if you know of a small plot of land say around half an acre to two acres in the RG27 postcode area would be brill. Thank you

Jamie 14 October, 2012

If you buy a field at auction, what other expenses can you expect? For example insurance? surveyor?

Just so I can budget for it, Thanks! :)

Sarah 5 October, 2013

looking to buy a field. What stipulations are there in the use of a field. Are there different stipulations due to areas or type of land?

Anna 27 April, 2015


I would like to purchase a field that is suitable to hold events such as weddings (in a marquee), glamping etc in Wales. How do I best go about this?

Kind Regards,

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